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With Refugees

The Korean government have to operate refugee policy accord with human rights standards


"The Korean government have to operate refugee policy accord with human rights standards."


2020 is the 7th anniversary of the Refugee Act of the Republic of Korea, and the 28th year since Refugee Convention and Protocol have ratified. Even though the system has been implemented for around 30 years and the number of accumulated asylum applications is over 64,000, strongly condemns the way the government continues to operate the refugee policy, which continues to violate human rights.

2019 was the worst year ever in the operation of the refugee policy, with 6.9% of refugee applications received in port and a refugee recognition rate of 0.4%. Based on 2019, 61 public officials in the refugee screening, and 121 refugee screenings were made per person. Refugee Committee meeting was only held 6 times, sectional committee meeting was also held only 12 times, Up to 1,171 refugee applications were being reviewed per session with a hasty review being conducted.

After the Jeju Yemen Refugees issue in 2018, the number of refugee officials nationwide has increased to 91. But still there is no manpower even though more than 15,000 refugee applications are received annually and there are 3,218 people with humanitarian and refugee status who have to ensure the right to settle.

Since 2015, The TF to solve the problem of refugee screening that has not been reviewed for a long time, In fact, refugee applications were classified on an arbitrary basis and screened. In the process, the government commit a crime "fabrication interview” that led to the creation of 'fake refugees'. Last February, the Ministry of Justice assigned limited opportunities to reapply for victims of the incident. But five years after the incident, Korean Ministry of Justice still no explicit responsibility for victims. Because of refugee screening manipulation and insufficient recovery, many of the victims of human rights abuses had to leave Korea without hearing a word of apology.

The Korean Ministry of Justice gave reasons ‘concerned about possible fake refugee application’, is operating confidentiality in administration by not disclosing Refugee screening and other policy guidelines. They are bringing down the stability and predictability of refugee's lives. Ministry of Justice is seriously undermining the spirit of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by abusing detention, indiscriminate personal investigation, Crackdown, Repatriation, departure, and deportation orders and restricts the most basic rights such as residence, labor, medical care, education, and access to information.

1,015 who are accepted as refugee already are still unable to access most social services, even though the right to social security is stated, because they are excluded from each individual statute and policy guidelines, or not properly informed about social services. Even in recent disasters such as COVID-19, the central government and the majority of local governments have implemented explicit policies to exclude refugees. The government has invited 149 resettlement refugees in the past five years. But there is still no systematic and integrated settlement support system for resettlement, causing many problems in the process of settlement. Meanwhile, the humanitarian status permit system has been abused in the process of application, screening, status verification and status assurance in accordance with arbitrary government standards, running counter to international responsibilities such as the Convention on the Prevention of Torture. Most of the humanitarian status, including Yemeni refugees who arrived on Jeju Island, are being violated by the system's vacuum and the government's on the sidelines, including the right to live, labor and health rights.

In the absence of even basic plans and willingness to operate the refugee policy, since the last Yemeni refugee issue, the government has not issued any message to guarantee the rights of refugees, but rather exploited the situation of increased social interest. The government has strengthened its policy of severely restricting the rights of refugees, blocked the right to protect refugees, and put the plan of the retrogressive revision of refugee act based on the content of kicking them out as soon as possible. Promoting the disparity between refugees and non-refugees, nationals and non-nationals, the government's behavior that justifies the policy of discrimination and exclusion is shame and irresponsible.

We strongly condemn the operation of the government's refugee system, which neglects the responsibility of ensuring refugee human rights, abuses its powers, and tramples human rights.


1. The government have to clearly recognizes the responsibility of ensuring refugee human rights; establish a basic plan for the operation of the refugee system.


2. The government and the National Assembly have to stop trying to retrogressive revision of the refugee law, revise the Refugee law to establish a system based on human rights standards.


3. Seeking asylum is rights. Ministry of Justice have to ensure basic rights of refugee claimants, recruit asylum screening officials and add budget, immediately implement a transparent, fair and professional refugee screening.


4. The Ministry of Justice have to clarifies the responsibility and misrecognition for insolvency and interview operations and apologize to victims of human rights abuses and implement sufficient damage recovery.


5. The government have to prepare measures to settle refugees and humanitarian people and ensure social rights.


6. The government have to operate the policy of limiting residence, deportation and detention of refugee applicants will be suspended immediately and ensure right to basic life.


7. The government have to guarantee the opportunity for formal refugee screening for those who apply for refugee status at the port of entry and exit, and solves the system that forces repatriation in violation of their right to survive at the airport.


8. The government have to stop framing refugees as a 'fake' and stop dividing sides that promote social discrimination and exclusion, and come up with a clear message about refugee rights.


2020. 06. 20

Refugee Rights Center, NANCEN


7 Solidarity Groups

난민인권네트워크(TFC(The First Contact for Refugee) 공익법센터 어필, 공익변호사와 함께하는 동행, 공익사단법인 정, 공익인권법재단 공감, 공익인권센터 드림(DREAM), 국제난민지원단체 피난처, 글로벌호프, 난민인권센터, 동두천난민공동체, 동작FM, 사단법인 두루, 서울온드림교육센터, 수원글로벌드림센터, 순천이주민지원센터, 아시아의 친구들, 아시아평화를향한이주MAP, 이주여성을위한문화경제공동체 에코팜므,이주민지원공익센터 감동, 의정부 EXODUS, 이주민지원센터친구, 천주교 제주교구 이주사목센터 나오미, 재단법인 동천, 재단법인 화우 공익재단 , 제주평화인권연구소 왓, 파주 EXODUS, 한국이주인권센터)

단속추방반대! 노동비자 쟁취! 경기지역 이주노동자 공동대책위원회 (공감직업환경의학센터, 노동자연대경기지회, 녹색당 경기도당, 다산인권센터, 민주노총경기도본부, 사회변혁노동자당경기도당, 수원이주민센터, 아시아의 친구들, 오산이주노동자센터, 이주노조, 지구인의 정류장, 한국노동안전보건연구소, 화성이주노동자쉼터)

성소수자차별반대 무지개행동 (공익인권법재단 공감, 공익인권변호사모임 희망을만드는법, 노동당 성정치위원회, 녹색당 소수자인권특별위원회, 다움: 다양성을 향한 지속가능한 움직임, 대구퀴어문화축제, 대전 성소수자 인권모임 솔롱고스’, 대학·청년성소수자모임연대 QUV, 대한불교 조계종 사회노동위원회, 레주파, 무지개예수, 무지개인권연대, 민중당 인권위원회, 부산 성소수자 인권모임 QIP, 부산퀴어문화축제 기획단, 30대 이상 레즈비언 친목모임 그루터기, 서울인권영화제, 서울퀴어문화축제조직위원회, 성공회 용산나눔의집(사회적소수자 생활인권센터), 성별이분법에 저항하는 사람들의 모임 여행자’, 성소수자부모모임, 성소수자알권리보장지원 노스웨스트 호, 성적소수문화인권연대 연분홍치마, 성적지향성별정체성 법정책연구회, ()신나는센터, 언니네트워크, 이화 성소수자인권운동모임 변태소녀하늘을날다, 전라북도 성소수자 모임 열린문, 정의당 성소수자위원회, 지구지역행동네트워크, 청소년성소수자위기지원센터 띵동, 청소년 트랜스젠더 인권모임 튤립연대(), 트랜스젠더 인권단체 조각보, 트랜스해방전선, 한국게이인권운동단체 친구사이, 한국레즈비언상담소, 한국성적소수자문화인권센터, 한국청소년청년감염인커뮤니티알, 행동하는성소수자인권연대, HIV/AIDS 인권연대 나누리+ / 40개 단체 및 모임)

외국인이주·노동운동협의회(부천이주노동복지센터, ()지구촌사랑나눔, ()한국이주민건강협회 희망의친구들, ()한국이주여성인권센터, 서울외국인노동자센터, 아산이주노동자센터, 아시아인권문화연대, 남양주시외국인복지센터, 순천이주민지원센터, 외국인이주노동자인권을위한모임, 모두를위한이주인권문화센터, 원불교서울외국인센터, 의정부EXODUS, 인천외국인노동자센터, 성공회파주이주노동자센터 샬롬의집, 포천나눔의집, 함께하는공동체)

이주노동자 차별철폐와 인권·노동권 실현을 위한 공동행동(건강권실현을위한보건의료단체연합, 경기이주공대위, 김포이웃살이, 공익인권법재단 공감, 구속노동자후원회, 노동당, 노동사회과학연구소, 노동전선, 노동자연대, 녹색당, 대한불교조계종사회노동위원회, 대한성공회 용산나눔의집, 문화연대, 민주사회를위한변호사모임노동위원회, 민주주의법학연구회, 민주평등사회를 위한 전국교수연구자협의회, 사회변혁노동자당, 사회진보연대, 이주노동자노동조합(MTU), ()이주노동희망센터, 이주노동자운동후원회, 이주민방송(MWTV), 이주민센터 친구, 전국민주노동조합총연맹, 전국불안정노동철폐연대, 전국빈민연합, 전국철거민연합, 전국학생행진, 정의당, 지구인의정류장, 천주교인권위원회, 필리핀공동체카사마코, ()한국불교종단협의회인권위원회, 한국비정규노동센터)

제주 난민 인권을 위한 범도민 위원회(기독교장로회 제주노회 정의평화위원회, 천주교제주교구이주사목센터 나오미, 제주불교청년회, 제주4·3희생자유족청년회, 제주여성인권상담소시설협의회, 제주여민회, 제주여성인권연대, 전국민주노동조합총연맹 제주지역본부, 정의당 제주도당, 녹색당 제주도당, 노동당 제주도당, 민중당 제주도당, 4·3연구소, 강정국제팀, 강정마을 해군기지 반대주민회, 강정친구들, 개척자들, 글로벌이너피스, 기억공간re:born, 제주대안연구공동체, 제주생태관광협회, 제주평화인권연구소 왓, 생태예술치유여행 오롯, 바라연구소-평화꽃섬, 양용찬열사추모사업회, 제주다크투어, 제주민권연대, 제주민예총, 제주장애인연맹DPI, 제주장애인인권포럼, 제주주민자치연대, 제주차롱사회적협동조합,제주참여환경연대, 제주퀴어문화축제조직위원회, 제주평화인권센터, )제주착한여행, 진실과 정의를 위한 교수 네트워크, 지구마을평화센터, 핫핑크돌핀스)

차별금지법제정연대(knp+,SOGI법정책연구회,감리교퀴어함께,건강권실현을위한보건의료단체연합,경제정의실천불교시민연합,공익인권법재단 공감,공익인권변호사모임 희망을만드는법,광주인권지기 활짝,교육공동체 나다,기독여민회,금융피해자연대해오름”,나누리+,나무여성인권상담소,난민인권센터,노동당,노동인권회관,녹색당,다른세상을향한연대,다산인권센터,가족구성권연구소,대전 성소수자 인권모임 솔롱고스,대학거부로 삶을 바꾸는 투명가방끈,대학청년성소수자모임연대 QUV,대한불교조계종 사회노동위원회,대한불교조계종 종교평화위원회,대한불교청년회,대한성공회 나눔의집협의회,대한성공회 정의평화사제단,로뎀나무그늘교회,마하이주민지원단체협의회,:(ACETAGE),무지개예수,무지개인권연대,민주사회를위한 변호사 모임,민주주의법학연구회,민주화를위한전국교수협의회,민중당,믿는페미,반성매매인권행동 이룸,법인권사회연구소,불교생태컨텐츠연구소,불교여성개발원,불교인권위원회,불교환경연대,불안정노동철폐연대,빈곤과 차별에 저항하는 인권운동연대,사회변혁노동자당,사회진보연대,상상행동 장애와여성 마실,새사회연대,서울시장애인자립생활센터협의회,서울인권영화제,섬돌향린교회,성별이분법에 저항하는 사람들의 모임 여행자,성소수자부모모임,성소수자차별반대 무지개행동,성적소수문화인권연대 연분홍치마,시민사회단체연대회의,신대승네트워크,알바노조,양심과인권-나무,언니네트워크,연구공동체 건강과 대안,외국인이주.노동운동협의회,울산인권운동연대,움직이는청소년센터EXIT,원불교사회개벽교무단,원불교인권위원회,원불교환경연대,유니브페미, 유엔인권정책센터,이주공동행동,이주민방송 MWTV,인권교육 온다,인권교육센터 들,인권연구소 창,인권연극제,인권운동공간 활,인권운동네트워크 바람,인권운동사랑방,장애여성공감,장애와 인권 발바닥 행동,장애인차별금지추진연대,장애해방열사_,장애해방운동가정태수열사추모사업회,전국민주노동조합총연맹,전국여성노동조합,전국장애인차별철폐연대,전북불교네트워크,전북평화와인권운동연대,정의당 성소수자위원회,정치하는엄마들,젠더정치연구소 여..,종교와젠더연구소,종교자유정책연구원,좋은벗,좋은세상을만드는사람들,지구지역행동네트워크,진보네트워크 센터,참교육을위한전국학부모회,참여불교재가연대,참여연대,참의료실현청년한의사회,천주교인권위원회,청년정치공동체 <너머>,청소년유니온,청소년 트랜스젠더 해방으로 나아가는 튤립연대() *약칭 튤립연대(),청소년성소수자위기지원센터 띵동,청소년인권행동 아수나로서울지부,충남인권교육활동가모임 부뜰,캐나다 한진진보 네트워크 희망21,트랜스해방전선,페미몬스터즈,평화의 친구들,학술단체협의회,한국게이인권운동단체 친구사이,한국기독교교회협의회(NCCK)인권센터,한국다양성연구소,한국대학생불교연합회,한국레즈비언상담소,한국성적소수자문화인권센터,한국성폭력상담소,한국여성노동자회,한국여성단체연합,한국여성민우회,한국여성의전화,한국이주여성인권센터,한국인터섹스당사자모임-나선,한국청소년청년감염인커뮤니티알,한국한부모연합,한부모미혼모정책포럼,행동하는성소수자인권연대,행동하는의사회,홈리스행동)


93 groups

가족구성권연구소, 광주인권지기 활짝, 구속노동자후원회, 국제민주연대, 김포이주민센터, 난민x현장, 난민인권센터, 다른세상을향한연대, 다산인권센터, 다시학교, 대한불교조계종 사회노동위원회, 두레방, 디아스포라 집을 떠난 사람들, 만화계성폭력대책위원회, 모든이의민주주의연구소:서울, 모이세(특수교육연구회 셋업의 세계시민교육 유닛), 무성애 가시화 행동 무:, 문화다양성 교원학습공동체 두드림, 문화인천네트워크, 민주사회를 위한 변호사모임, 민주주의법학연구회, 비평그룹 시각, 빈곤과차별에저항하는인권운동연대, 사단법인 아디, 사단법인 호이, 사회 혁명 트랜스젠더 유니온, 사회복지법인행복공학재단, 상생과상상의인권공동체, 사회적협동조합 사람마음, 서울다문화교육지원센터, 서울인권영화제, 성적권리와 재생산정의를 위한 센터 셰어, 성적소수문화인권연대 연분홍치마, 세종청파교회, 소수자난민인권네트워크, 손잡고, 실천불교전국승가회, 여행하는카메라, 열린군대를위한시민연대, 예술행동 한뼘, 와온출판사, 원곡다우리스쿨, 원불교, 원불교인권위원회, 원불교인권위원회, 이주민공익지원센터 감동, 인권교육센터 들, 인권운동공간 활, 인권운동네트워크 바람, 인권운동사랑방, 인천인권영화제, 작은예술연구소, 장애여성공감, 장애인학생지원네트워크, 전교조, 전국불안정노동철폐연대, 전국장애인차별철폐연대, 전북평화와인권연대, 정의당 광주시위원회, 정의당 경기도당 성소수자위원회, 정의당 경기도당 청년위원회, 제주평화인권연구소왓, 주홍빛연대 차차, 지구지역행동네트워크, 지구지역행동네트워크, 참여연대, 천주교 남자수도회 정의평화환경위원회, 천주교 예수회 인권연대연구센터, 천주교인권위원회, 청년지식공동체 청년담론, 청소년 시민 단체 유스티치아(JUSTITIA), 태양의학교, 청소년 페미니스트 네트워크 위티’, 통합예술나눔터, 트랜스해방전선, 평화바닥, 피스모모, 한국게이인권운동단체 친구사이, 한국디아코니아, 한국성적소수자문화인권센터, 한국외대 생활자치도서관, 한국장애포럼, 한국청소년청년감염인커뮤니티알, 한울중, 해외주민운동연대, 행동하는성소수자인권연대, 형명재단, 휴먼아시아, ()개척자들, Adoptees for Justice Korea (정의를 위한 입양인 연대), Ethiopians in Korea (ETKO), HIV/AIDS인권활동가네트워크, NCCK 인권센터


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