JOY in South Korea

For Refugees 2018.04.23 17:11

We are looking for essay writers who will help promote the awareness of refugee rights in Korea. NANCEN wants to let the voice of refugees heard as they want to be heard in Korea society. We wish Koreans could come to understand that refugees are not to be feared or pitied. If you are interested in this project, please contact to, Ku. 

JOY in South Korea


The first time I came to South Korea I was overjoyed. When I reached Incheon Airport, I was warmly welcomed by some good Koreans who put a wider smile on my face. They said hello to me, and I also said hello with my smiling face. Then they directed me to the airport bus. When I got to the bus, the bus driver was such a nice man; he helped me carry my belongings onto the bus and told me to feel at home. Then we drove up to Itaewon. Upon reaching Itaewon I was a little confused since I was new to the place and had no knowledge of the language. But thank God I found two Korean ladies who told me they were Jehovah's Witnesses and that they would help me out with anything I wanted in Korea. As time went by we became good friends. We would go together to most places, and they got me shelter. Basically I then felt at peace. We would have bible study every Saturday and then we would go to parks to refresh our minds. Then we would meet again on Sunday. I am so thankful for meeting the Korean ladies who welcomed me into the Korean community, for making me feel loved in a new country.

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