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Who Will Help Promote the Awareness of Refugee Rights in Korea!

  1. Essay Writing Project Background

In Korea, refugees are still viewed as people who are to be feared or pitied, and regarding refugees, fear and hatred prone information and news are overwhelmingly greater than the accurate information. Even leading NGOs are likely to depict refugees as pitiful people in their fund-raising efforts. These tendencies further keep Koreans from understanding refugees as ‘ordinary beings who manage daily lives in Korea.’

  1. How the project is organized

That is why NANCEN wants to let the voice of refugees heard as they want to be heard in Korean society. We wish Koreans could come to understand that refugees are not to be feared or pitied. For this purpose, (sponsored by the Seoul city government,) we are trying to collect no less than 40 essays written by refugees and want to see the sparks triggered by the sincere, heartfelt writings in Korea.  

  1. Collection period: Sep.-Nov. 2017

  2. Collection procedure:

  1. A writer decides on a theme of his or her essay.

  2. Examples of theme: you and your baby, about your family relationship as you live in Korea as a refugee, your job and process to get a job with refugee applicant visa, introduction of your political activities in Korea, your hometown situation and your life, about belonging or fellowship as a solution for refugee issue in Korea, and etc.)

  3. Deadline can be discussed with NANCEN.

  4. A4 size 2 pages at most (you can write more than that) are to be written and emailed or delivered in person to NANCEN.

  5. At least one photo related to the theme of your writing is also required. (The photo will be used for thumbnail on blog.)

  6. Submitted essays and photos will be edited as little as possible by NANCEN and translated. Then they will be uploaded on NANCEN website (

  7. Afterwards this collection of essays will be published as a book and given to all the writers.

  1. Privacy protection

  1. Writers’ personal information will be strictly protected when their essays are published and distributed openly.

  2. Each writer should submit their pseudonym or pen name.

  3. Specific private information should not be included in the essay.

  4. General information (which can be found on online search) is not to be included in the essay if possible.

  1. Payment for writing: 15,000 won per 1 page (13point)

  2. Deadline: no less than 40 essays by the end of November 2017 (A single writer can submit more than one essay on different themes, but if too many writers apply, the number of essay can be limited to only one by each writer.)

  1. Project goal and expected effect

       ⚫ This project will change the Korean society’s awareness of refugees from ‘those to be pitied’ to ‘those to live along with.’

       ⚫ This will provide refugees with an opportunity to voice their own thoughts and opinions.

       ⚫ Koreans will be able to understand better the situation and reality faced by refugees in this country.

       ⚫ The book will serve as a strong basis to present to the Korean government to request better refugee policies and system.

       ⚫ A new message can be delivered to other NGOs who have a wrong picture of refugees.

  1. Required documents

Writer’s bank book copy (to be submitted to the Seoul city government for payment for your writing)

  1. Application

Send your theme and your own deadline to We will answer your questions.

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